My degree in psychology and sociology was at Georgia State University. I began working in a mental health facility in Miami, FL helping individuals who struggled with sever psychiatric and addiction diagnosis. Then I continued my education at Georgia Professional School of Psychology for my Master’s in Professional Counseling.

Once I graduated in 2006, I began my residency for three years at Metropolitan Counseling Services where I received training in treating Trauma-Related Disorders (PTSD, CPTSD), Attachment Issues, Developmental Trauma Related Disorders, and Dissociative Identity Disorder under Kathy Steele, MN,CS. During that time, I began working at Ridgeview Institute leading aftercare groups for professionals, presenting lectures, doing family therapy, and focusing on the struggles that lie in addiction diagnosis as well as dual diagnosis. I worked for Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta as a licensed therapist helping adolescents and providing parenting guidance for the families.

In 2009, opened up a private practice on my own and continued my contract position at Ridgeview Institute where I led the trauma group at the outpatient program and at the women’s eating disorder unit. I ran the young adults addiction program’s large family therapy group and primarily worked with the young adult’s family in family therapy counseling. For 10 years I did family therapy sessions and focused on how to help clients get out of unhealthy family dynamics. I am trauma specialist certified and follow up with continuous update training in this area along with addictions and eating disorders.

I focus on the coping skills needed for mental health so I began to study DBT skills and about the mental health benefits with exercise. I incorporate DBT skills into my therapy treatment and began doing exercise therapy as a side specialty outside of the office. I work out of a gym where I can provide confidentiality and a safe place for individuals to explore their feelings.

To sum it all up, I work with struggles that have to do with self discovery/development, self acceptance, attachment issues, relationship patterns and cycles, trauma from physical/sexual/emotional/neglect history, and unhealthy coping skills like, (just to name a few) addictions, eating disorders, anger, passivity, lying, and self harm. I can see individuals one on one, as a couple, and/or as a family.

I work on helping people discover what lies beneath them. Together we uncover your emotional hidden blind spots, which we all have, and we will see where our roadblocks are to happiness. When we discover what is going on with us emotionally, physically, and socially we can begin to set ourselves free. When we understand the stories and perceptions that have been controlling our lives we gain the ability to set ourselves free from emotional pain or feeling stuck. I will introduce techniques and skills that can transform your feelings and emotional state into living life more complete and fully.

My nonjudgmental environment and encouragement will help us begin the process and allow you to explore these issues so it can lead you to relief and growth. Together we will figure out how to make life better.

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Please contact me at 404-388-4990 for a consultation or click the link below. I would like to have the opportunity to talk with you over the phone to see if we can begin your journey.