Relationships are a journey not a destination. The goal is to grow together and towards one another with every new phase and transition we encounter in life. When we don’t, distress and isolation can occur.

Marital or Couples therapy helps partners begin to communicate their emotions. It can be used to discuss emotionally charged issues known as “hot topics” or it can help them with life changing events like marriage, family planning, or grief. The therapy provides a space to talk about your feelings and thoughts. The guided session allows each partner to go deeper. It creates a higher level of understanding between two people. The couple develops an awareness of how their behavior contributes to the situation and how the other person perceives it. The experience allows them to revive and improve their love, sex, intimacy, and communication in their relationship.

The sessions will focus on how you two can become a team and how you can begin to turn towards each other in times of stress. Sometimes, we begin to keep the stress to ourselves and do not ask our partner for help. We might do this because we don’t want to burden the other partner, feel shame about the topic, and/or feel it will make matters worse.. But IF we learn to turn towards our partner in need of help or support we will feel better about our situation and we will feel closer to each other.

Research shows that it is not healthy for us to take on stress, anxiety, or fear alone. We do better when there is a partner, friend, husband, or wife to help us cope. We calm down quicker when someone is on our side. If we can address our partner about the issues we are experiencing we are living a more fulfilled, healthier, happier, life.

Here are a few reasons why couples seek help when they are under distress:

-Frequent arguments

-Infidelity or cheating

-Feeling taken for granted

-Not feeling “heard” or respected

-Need to maintaining civility in divorce

-Substance use

-Emotional withdrawl

-Conflict over spending money

-Co-parenting issues


-Disagreement in parenting styles

-Your values do not seem similar

-You seem too different

-You don’t know the person anymore

Other reasons could include:

-Family planning

-Reviving their sexuality


-Empty nest

-Career change

-Have a desire to get deeper with each other

-Pre-marital counseling

-Taking care of your parents


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