Individual therapy is where you can experience a safe environment to explore your personal thoughts and goals. The confidential setting allows you to talk freely about what you desire and need in your life.  It also helps with providing a support system. Maybe you just need to talk and be heard. People come in for individual therapy for many different reasons. Beginning to open up is half the struggle and once we are there, we can find solutions.

Something magical happens when you come to speak with an unrelated, unbiased person in a nonjudgmental, confidential environment. Unless you are suicidal, homicidal, conducting or experiencing child abuse….Your words are protected and safe by the state in the counseling room. I can reveal your information to another ONLY IF you sign a release and ask me to tell them. It can make a difference when you can talk to someone you do not personally know about your thoughts and emotions in a safe place.

Whether you’re coming in for trauma therapy or self-awareness counseling, you will find that the individual therapy approach can help you discover your strengths. It can also accent your positive attributes. Each person has character strengths that can be encouraged and enhanced. Everyone can benefit from knowing your own gifts.



-to make a change

-to find relief from stress, depression, anxiety, and-or trauma

-seek guidance on how to manage emotions

-to address substance abuse and addictions

-help with anger

-help with sadness or grief

-to help with the grief process

-to organize and process your feelings

-to become happy

-self-discovery and awareness

-to discover your values

-to understand your needs

-to explore why your feeling overwhelmed or panic

-to address an eating disorder or poor eating patterns

-to understand your dreams and-or nightmares

-to address flashbacks and make them stop

-dissociation, losing track of time, feeling like another part has taken over

-to heal after being in a relationship with a Narcissist, Sociopath, and or Psycopath

-to identify your patterns and try something different

-to get over feeling “stuck”

-to begin liking yourself

-to explore why your hurting

-to discuss how you let someone hurtful into your life

-to help with parenting kids and discover your parenting style


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I usually ask if we can touch base over the phone before we set up an appointment. I want to make sure we start off going in the right direction for your situation.

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