When it comes to family, it usually isn’t about not loving each other as opposed to not knowing how to communicate love through our actions. Each person comes with their own thoughts and beliefs. If we don’t learn to respect each other’s differences it can lead us into a strained or dysfunctional relationship. Family therapy is about allowing each member to address the issues they want to discuss while encouraging the other members to actively listen. We will talk about what each member experiences so the others can gain a perspective through another’s eyes. The goal is for everyone to have a deeper understanding of where the others are coming from and work towards acceptance. Participating in this experience can lead you to a closer relationship with each other.

Family therapy can include 2 or more family members. It is a more directive approach with a lot of guiding. It tends to be different than individual therapy. Family members do not need to be biologically connected. It can be made up of individuals who feel like family. Family dynamics have different needs verses couples therapy. It is mostly about supporting each other’s differences and less focus on romantic feelings.

Research has shown that family therapy provides the best outcomes for change. If the family has the same goals for each other then change is easier to achieve. We all do better when someone we care about supports us.



– strained or dysfunctional relationship with one or more family member(s)
– a desire to be closer
– death in the family
– addiction issues, parents and/or children
– mental illness struggles
– taking care of your aging parent(s)
– divorce recovery
– co-parenting struggles
– to process trauma that happened with one or more family members
– to get through a misunderstanding(s)
– to have a non-related third party guide a disagreement
– to help reset the family values
– sibling issues
– entitled children, entitled parents
– navigating through learning disability struggles


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