How does therapy work with adolescents? Most of the time they need help processing their thoughts in a supportive environment. Most do not want or may not need another adult in their life telling them what to do or give advice. They just want to be heard and understood. It is a time where peer influences are at their highest. They need space and privacy to discuss things they may not want to bring up with a parent or teacher. When an adolescent is given the space to talk freely without fear he or she can hear themselves say things that don’t make sense or don’t feel right. In the sessions, their thoughts can be explored and they can come up with their own decision that feels congruent with their value system. Art expression, games, and other activities will be a part of the process. Some adolescents begin doing exercise therapy or walking therapy as an option. It gets them moving and helps them become comfortable with talking to an adult about their life. Teens struggle with a lot of pressure to make good grades, make friends, gain acceptance, avoid getting bullied, avoid drug usage, vaping, keeping secrets, and how they appear to others. It is important for the client to know that confidentiality will be maintained in order for them to feel safe in talking.

A disclosure or breaching confidentiality agreement will occur if the client is suicidal or is doing self harming behavior that could lead to death or hospitalization. I typically talk with my clients about disclosing information and we come to an agreement about what is important to discuss. My best interest is in keeping the client safe and healthy. I want the same outcome as the teen and his or her parents. I work on keeping the parents’ value system respected along with encouraging the teen to explore their own individuality. I am confident that there can be some common ground discovered when I am allowed to explore what is going in my client’s life.


– depression
– isolation
– confusion
– anger
– drug use
– changing schools
– shame
– stealing
– lying
– sad about a friendship
– grief
– being bullied
– cyber bulling
– sexual abuse or assault
– indecisiveness
– poor peer relationships
– peer pressure
– sexual identity
– body image issues
– not fitting in
– parents don’t understand me
– suicide ideation
– career decision making
– college choices
– grades
– grief
– cutting behavior

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